Traffic Laws That Can Get You Killed (Money,Money, Money)


Law Enforcement or Revenue Enhancement?


It’s sad but true.  The current crop of traffic laws are designed more for revenue enhancement than safety.  Let’s take a close look at the ban on hand-held cell phones.

According to the  Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, there is no difference between talking on a hands-free phone or a hand-held phone.  The conversation is the distraction, not holding the phone.  If holding a phone were the problem, then drivers should not be allowed to hold a cup of coffee, a cigarette, a pencil, a lipstick or anything.  Legislators know this or should know this.

Yet, they pass laws which only ban holding the phone and encourage talking on a phone.   All you need do is to buy an earpiece, stick it in your ear and you can talk on a phone all day long while driving.  You see, talking on a cell phone while driving is legal as long as you keep it a secret and nobody (read that, police) knows you’re doing it.

In effect, the States are encouraging distracted driving.  So why would they pass such ineffective and phony laws?   I hinted at the reason in the first paragraph, but we’ll explore that in detail in another blog.

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