Traffic Laws That Can Get You Killed (Phony Laws)



Why?  It’s All About The Money!


You may not agree with my conclusion but this is what I have come to believe.  The reason States pass phony laws that sound good on the surface  but are actually detrimental is — money!

Yes, whenever things don’t make sense, follow the money.  Whether or not you’ve ever though about it, crashing is a business.  It’s a multi-gazillion dollar industry.  Do you know that there are people who go to work in the morning depending upon people crashing?  If there are no crashes, they would be out of a job.  I’m talking about doctors, nurses, hospital administrators, lawyers, insurance people, ambulance and tow truck drivers, police and firemen, car dealers, repair shops, funeral directors, and florists, etc.   The list is actually endless.  These and many more people make a living from traffic crashes.  And the State loves that because they get a cut.  When a repair shop fixes your car that’s called a sale and the State gets a sales tax.  When you pay a doctor to fix you up, the State gets an income tax.  The State makes tons of money from all the transactions that flow from a traffic crash.

It has been estimated that crashing costs consumers 8 billion dollars a year.  That means that someone else is receiving those 8 billion dollars.  And when money changes hands, the State imposes a tax.  Can you compute 8% of 8 billion dollars?

Now, why would the State want to kill that industry and dry up all that revenue?  The simple answer is they don’t.  But, of course, they can’t be honest about it, soooo, they pass phony laws to fool the public into thinking they care about safety.

Does it make sense to ban only hand-held phones when the conversation is the distraction (see my first post)?  Of course, it does, because talking on a phone while driving is a distraction. It’s equivalent to driving drunk.  Therefore, there is a good likelihood that the distracted driver will crash — and then the State cashes in.

In future posts I will dissect more phony traffic laws that can get you killed.  And if you doubt what I’m saying, Google pending legislative traffic bills, scroll down to the bottom and you’ll see that the last item is “fiscal impact.”  In other words, will enacting the law cost the State money or make money for the State.  It gives new meaning to “the bottom line” because that’s all legislators need to know to decide on how to vote.

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