Bad Driving Habits That Can Get You Killed (“Expert” Advice)




I recently posed a question to the National Safety Council asking why States pass phony laws that, in effect, encourage distracted driving e.g. the cell phone law, which only bans holding a phone and encourages talking on a phone if it’s hands-free and the ignition interlock law which forces convicted drunk drivers to blow into a device while driving to test their blood alcohol level, thereby creating a distracted driver in place of a drunk driver.

I received a response from Deb Trombley, Senior Program Manager for, Transportation Initiatives at the National Safety Council. It’s bad enough if motorists are not aware of laws that affect their safety, but when “experts” pass on misinformation that is inexcusable.

Here is misinformation offered by Ms. Trombley, which I choose to call “ka-ka.”

Ka-Ka: “Hand-held bans ban talking on hand-held phones.”
Fact: Hand-held bans only ban holding a phone. “Illegal activity includes holding a portable electronic device.”
So even if you’re not talking but just holding and viewing, you can be cited under the law.

Ka-Ka: Ignition interlocks “are designed to give drivers enough time to pull over to do a retest. They aren’t designed to be used while in motion.”
Fact: “Rolling retests are required while the car is running. As the offender drives, he or she gets a warning indicator that a test will be required soon, to give them time to pull over to more safely take the test. If they’re unable to get out of traffic, they can blow into the device as they continue to drive.http://www.NationalConferenceofStateLegislatures

It’s important for motorists to know that some of the laws that are seemingly passed for their safety, in actual fact oft times do just the opposite. To protect yourself, your loved ones, and other users on the road:

PHONE 4.jpg

drunk 2.jpg

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