Traffic Laws That Can Get You Killed (Legal Murder)

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Killing With A Car is Legal!

“Aggravated unlicensed operation,” (AUO) of a motor vehicle is a low-level misdemeanor that the police and prosecutors apply when an unlicensed driver commits a traffic infraction.

In 2015, twenty pedestrians were killed in NYC, the last being 30 year-old Victoria Nicodemus, when an unlicensed and uninsured driver drove onto the sidewalk to avoid hitting a bus that had stopped.

The driver was charged with “aggravated unlicensed operation.” Not murder, mind you, killing with a car is not a problem.  Being unlicensed was his big crime according to the law because he didn’t pay the fee for getting a license.  Cheating the state out of its money demands is a major crime, you see.

So, what happens when a driver is charged with AUO?  It carries a maximum penalty of a $500 fine and 30 days in jail, though plea deals usually result in a fine and no jail time, even when a driver kills someone.

DiBlasio’s “vision zero” is just that…a zero.  When drivers like the one who killed Nicodemus can get away with murder, then exactly how is he protecting pedestrians?  It’s all smoke and mirrors.

Now, you might say it wasn’t murder…it was an accident.  My foot!!  Witnesses say the driver was speeding and knew he couldn’t stop to avoid hitting the bus so to save himself he kills an innocent pedestrian.  That’s murder, plain and simple. And don’t tell me he didn’t “intend” to kill anyone.  What do you think the result is when you go speeding down a city street?  It’s bad enough to speed on a highway…but on a city street where pedestrians are in close proximity?

And doesn’t the fact that he was unlicensed and uninsured tell you something about the character of this individual?  Alas, none of that matters.

At a memorial for Ms. Nicodemus, a mourner said, “It really isn’t enough to mourn and pray for Victoria.  It’s not enough to attend vigils and it’s not enough to cry.  We need to prevent these types of crashes from happening over and over again, which means that individuals who are responsible for this crime, for flouting the law, should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.” Therein is the rub because according to the law its legal to kill with a car!

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