Bad Driving Habits That Can Get You Killed (Blind Spots)

blind spot.jpg

If You Look, You Will See!


Where exactly is the blind spot?  I’ve been told it’s on the left side of the car, the right side of the car and on both sides of the car.  I am told that when I look into the mirror, there can be a car on the side that I cannot see.  That happens to be true because unlike the human eye, a mirror doesn’t have peripheral vision, that is, it only shows what it’s focused on. So, when you adjust the inside rear-view mirror on the back window, you only see what’s behind the car.

Some believe the side-view mirror solves the problem. However, the side-view mirrors show the same thing that the inside mirror shows, just from a different angle.  The reason it’s called a “side-view” mirror is because it’s mounted on the side of the car.  Not because it shows you what’s on the side of the car.

Therefore, the area alongside the car is called a “blind-spot” simply because you can’t see what’s on the side of the car through the mirrors.  So, what to do?  Simple, just turn your head slightly to the side.  No need to do a 180 and look through the rear-window; you only want to see the one car that the mirrors can’t show you and your peripheral vision will do the job.

My point is that if there is a way to actually see the car, why call it a blind spot.  If someone dozes off behind the wheel and crashes, would it be said that he had a total blind-spot?  Of course, not.  But, if you’re eyes are closed, you do have a total blind spot.  Open your eyes and there is no blind spot. Well, if you turn your head, then there will be no blind-spot on the side either.

I had a student once who said that her instructor actually demonstrated the blind spot to her.  He stood outside the car on the side, asked the student to look in the mirror and tell him if she could see him.  After checking the mirror, she turned to look at him and told him, “No, I can’t see you!” This, mind you, while she was looking directly at him.   How absurd.

So, why call it a blind-spot?  I believe it has to do with giving “movers” an excuse for crashing.  If they hit the car alongside, it’s the blind-spots fault.  But, hey, if you’re supposed to turn your head and you don’t, instead of blaming the so-called blind-spot, why not say, “Idiot, why didn’t you turn your head?”  Wouldn’t that make more sense?

And then there are those who say that turning your head creates a different blind spot in front of the car.  Nonsense; ka-ka!  When a normal field of vision is turned slightly to the side, peripheral vision still covers the front.   So, you never do take your eyes off the front.

The bottom line is this: if you look, you’ll see and if you don’t look, you won’t see!







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