Bad Driving Habits That Can Get You Killed (Traffic Lights)







What happens when the “jumper” meets the “beater!”  Have you heard those terms before?

The “jumper” is a very skillful driver who, when waiting at a red-light, watches for the yellow to come on for the other side.   At that point he/she starts moving knowing the green is about to come on, so there’s no need to wait for it.

The “beater” is also a very skillful driver who knows that when the yellow comes on, the red will soon follow.  So, in order not to get stuck for the red-light he/she speeds up to make it through before the red does come on.

Well, now you know what happens when the “jumper” moves before the light turns green and meets the “beater” who is racing through the yellow. They collide.

I’m pretty sure the seniors reading this remember a time when we didn’t have yellow lights.  The traffic signal was just a red-green combination.  And drivers complained bitterly if they got a ticket for going through a red light.  The claimed they needed some kind of warning that the light would change.  The State listened and that’s when the yellow light was added.  So, now, do drivers heed the warning?  Sure they do, but not for the intended purpose.   Now they race like hell when they see yellow to “beat” the red signal.

And when the two collide, they have the nerve to call it an accident.  Bull-dinky!  It is most definitely a crash caused by bad decisions on the part of UNSKILLED drivers — or Movers, as I call them.

Believe it or not, some drivers are now calling for a warning that the yellow is coming on. Maybe a purple light should be added and then the jumpers and beaters can get a bigger head-start.

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One thought on “Bad Driving Habits That Can Get You Killed (Traffic Lights)

  1. In my part of the woods motorists fail to stop and a full stop sign when they know there is no cop waiiting to give them a summons. I once sat with my movie camera and shot about ten minutes of those good citizens failing to obey the stop sign. I was nearly hit by a stretch hummer.. At that time I was a member of the board of directors of the Kew Gardens Hills Civic Assn. And at a meeting with the 107 Pct and its’ commander…Ran the film and He said; “Well at least they slowed down a bit”. And that is the total lack on traffic law enforcement.. No one stops at a full stop sign and we’re open to be “T Boned”
    because of this being blind to those many drivers that think “No Cop no stop”.


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