Bad Driving Habits That Can Get You Killed (Stop Signs)

stop 11

Stop Signs Are For Pedestrians!


There’s an old joke that you may have heard. A driver rolls through a stop sign and a cop pulls him over to ticket him.  The driver complains saying that he did slow down.  The cop tells him to step out of the car and starts beating him with his night-stick. Then the cop asks, “Would you like me to slow down or stop?”

 There is no such thing as a “rolling” stop. Either you’re stopped or you’re not stopped.  Unfortunately, too many drivers treat stop signs as they do yield signs. You are allowed to roll through yield signs if the way is clear, but you must be prepared to stop if it’s not. So, drivers treat stop signs the same way.

 The law says you must come to a complete stop even with the stop sign or before the crosswalk. Some drivers complain that if they stop at the sign, they won’t be able to see if traffic is coming.  News Flash: you’re not supposed to see traffic from the stop sign. The reason for stopping at the sign is to allow room for pedestrians to cross.  When it’s all clear of pedestrians then you’re allowed to roll up and check traffic.   And if there is traffic coming you must stop again. Just because you stopped at the sign doesn’t mean the cross traffic must yield to you. You still have to yield to the cross traffic.

Something to consider.   If you don’t stop at the sign and you put go too far into the intersection, you might hit by an oncoming car   And then there’s something else to think about.   Even if you plan on stopping beyond the stop sign you might still scare the other driver if he thinks you’re not going to stop. You might even kill him/her by giving them a heart attack. Do it right, obey the law, stop at the sign. Pedestrians matter.

In another blog, I well answer the question as to whether you should wave pedestrians to go when you do stop for them.


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